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Curated Ear Piercings

piercing services

piercing fees vary from $30 for lobes, up to $65 for more intricate piercings like daiths and industrials.

 jewelry prices range from $20 and up.

all our initial piercings are performed using high-quality implant-grade titanium.

we suggest starting out with a basic

jewelry approach to promote smoother 
healing the first few months


Soft part of the lower earlobe

The classics!

- Jewelry change: 6-12 weeks


Outer rim of the top part of the ear cartilage. Great for hoops or studs after healing.

- Jewelry change: 8-12 weeks


Inner "bowl" of your ear. This can fit bigger jewelry and rings after healing.

- Jewelry change: 8-12 weeks


The one that prevent use of airpods. 

- Jewelry change: 8-12 weeks


Great for smaller fixtures: rings, chains or small studs.

- Jewelry change: 8-16 weeks


The one that can help with migrains, but we do for the looks!

- Jewelry change: 8-12 weeks


Two-in-one. Very anatomy-based, but awesome when healed! It´s a statement.

- Jewelry change: 12-16 weeks


The festival piercing! Might not stay forever, but sure is pretty! Watch your teeth!

- Jewelry change: 8-12 weeks


Gaining popularity fast!

Looks great, heals great, and isn´t really painful!

- Jewelry change: 10-14 weeks


If you can get it, and you want it, you´ll rock it! Leaves scars, but worth it!

- Jewelry change: 8-12 weeks


So many ways to make these fit you. and your style! We love them!

- Jewelry change: 8-12 weeks


The center of attention! Very robust, and has a TON of jewelry selection for it.

- Jewelry change: 12-16 weeks


It takes dedication, but worth it once you get there! Avoid high-waist pants!

- Jewelry change: 12-16 weeks


A classic that will never go away. We only do regular tongues, no snake eyes!

- Jewelry change: 4-6 weeks


They take some time to heal, and needs to be left alone for a while.

- Jewelry change: 12-16 weeks

Kid Child with her ears pierced. Piercings for kids!

Piercing for kids!

Your child's comfort and safety are our top priorities. We offer a welcoming, safe, and hygienic environment to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience. We suggest waiting until your child is around

3-4 years old and excited about getting their ears pierced. We only use properly sterilised tools, and single-use equipment to ensure they get the best start they can get for their healing process. Inquire about available time today, and give your little one the gift of a fun and memorable piercing experience. 

Call us today to schedule your precious´ first

piercings or a consultation:

(385) 229-7048

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